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Capitalism and Christianity

By Michael Skywood Clifford. A reporter once asked Mahatma Gandhi what he thought of civilisation in the west. “I think it would be a good idea,” he said. [..]

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Misleading reporting

By Michael Skywood Clifford. Tonight I have had a serious discussion about the accusation that the Bishop of Ireland was complicit in covering up the problem they had [..]

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Mid term election results

By Michael Skywood Clifford. It's interesting what has happened in the mid term local elections in the UK. We all knew the Labour Party would scoop a lot [..]


On ambition

By Michael Skywood Clifford. I suggest obsessive ambition comes from neurosis. It is passed on by parent to its children and grandchildren. The most ambitious people can be [..]

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Style and design

By Michael Skywood Clifford. I was very young, three, when I came across my first design icon. I lived in Europe after the Second World War and I remember studying [..]

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The Dragon Inn in Worcester

By Michael Skywood Clifford. The Dragon is on the edge of Worcester city centre, situated on the 51 The Tything, Worcester, which is slightly north of Foregate Station. It is [..]

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Capitalism – the contemporary religion

By Michael Skywood Clifford. Religion is a collection of cultural systems, belief systems, and world views that establishes symbols that relate humanity to spirituality and, sometimes, to moral values. Capitalism has become a massive [..]

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By Michael Skywood Clifford. Yesterday I saw Adele sing for the first time, on BBC at 8pm, doing a gig at the Royal Albert Hall. I thought she [..]

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