Mid term election results

By Michael Skywood Clifford.

It's interesting what has happened in the mid term local elections in the UK. We all knew the Labour Party would scoop a lot of scalps. The general feeling was that they would get about 500 to 600, but astonishingly they got 700+. That is an amazing condemnation of the Cameron/ Clegg pact.

There is no doubt the economic policy these utter privileged men are pursuing with complete obsession is complete madness for the rest of us. Cameron is 3rd cousin to the Queen and Clegg's father was an international banker. Both of these men were public schooled and not long after were slid into greasy positions of power and influence through nepotism – and they have already admitted that. Mr. Macawber had more economic nous than these pampered rich kids.

Have you seen the interviews where the advocates of austerity scoff and say, "When you are in debt you don't borrow more!" But in fact that is completely wrong. Any small businessman, or anyone from the local Chamber of Commerce, knows that to start a business it begins by borrowing money. This was Tory wisdom, the mantra of Free Enterprize: 'Speculate to accumulate'. The money you make from your business activity – if greater than the interest rates  you are paying back –  makes you a profit. This is elementary business practice.

Well the exponents of austerity capitalism are not saying that now, they are saying they are going to cut, cut, cut and miraculously everything will grow! They are advocating that you can cut your way out of a depression – which is impossible. When an organisation dies, its death virus passes on to its economically related organisations. Closing one business effectively damages others. Poverty brings more poverty. If a town centre only has a handful of shops still open and everywhere is boarded up, fewer people will go into it, footfall will decrease and even less trade will go on. If a pub closes then soon the chip shop across the road is the next victim. Cutting is an ever decreasing spiral of greater poverty. This is how it works and everyone knows this is how it works. The deficit may be appalling but there have been far worse ones, including after the second World War when people were rationed on food and transport. Yet, in those days – despite being totally bankrupt – we still managed to find apprenticeships, jobs and college courses for the teenagers.

Have you seen those interviews where proponents of slashing the public sector go on about the better salaries and pensions of those of the public worker compared to the private worker. Isn't it the case that many public workers – teachers, nurses, doctors, social workers, policemen – are university educated and spent four or more years with very little money actually being properly trained to do their job and went through hardship to do so. And today's degree students now have to pay through the nose for their education, so why are they slagged off for getting greater differentials. But they never mention such things on the media do they?

Could it be that this whole economic situation has been planned and the global establishment are watching – like Pavlov studying livestock – to see what happens when we are deprived. Just as they did when Russia was sold out under Yeltzin or when they studied the complete economic destruction of Iraq to see how the populace would reform when water, electricity and petrol and other basic services were heavily restricted. They are now watching Greece to see how much the people will take, and how they will break. This economics sampling is also a very big test tube experiment. Their long time plan is to reduce services, working conditions and wages so that a Western work force is poorer – in every respect than the Chinese – and then people would work for food, or warmth or shelter. They are trying to take away all those great advances – and civil liberties – that Socialism created between the beginning of the 20th Century and the 1980s. They are saying: 'Maslov eat your heart out!'

If this is not the case why are the press and state TV allowed to dumb down and depress the economy with negative news all the time. If economics is all about 'confidence'  why is the media continually trying to sell it short, depress the markets, create a bust? Is that the plan? To make Britain like Greece? Cameron's 'Big Society' is not about the present time but about ten years time. At its most extreme there will be NO public services. You have to pay for any service:  you have to find ways to dispose of your own trash,  you will have to pay to see a doctor, etc. As economist Michael Hudson argues, the psychopaths no longer send tanks in to take over a country but they send in banks – and their suits to take over your country.

This is a story that will go on and on – it is the mother of all battles.

But I can't see people putting up with it. Even many young people who don't remember history can hear it from their parents. And they know when they being sold a lemon. Never underestimate the intelligence and canniness of the ordinary person. They don't like to have their intelligence insulted – which is it certainly being – and they don't like everything being stolen from them and given to the rich!

The situation in Europe is so unprecedented that it could lead to war between European countries – the exact opposite of why the EU was created –  to stop Europe becoming a stomping ground of war. A pact of Euro countries taking on the austerity packages of Germany, The ECB and the IMF is not entirely impossible.


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