On the UK government sending depleted uranium to the Ukranian military

To the Editor, the Hinckley Times

26 April 2023

This letter was NOT published.

Dear editor,

I want to say how appalling it is that the British government has sent depleted uranium shells to the Ukrainian military. This is utterly deadly stuff to civilians as well as soldiers.

Just as Agent Orange in Vietnam or chemical weapons and poisonous gas used in Iraq, this will create congenital mutilations on generations of children to be born. It will completely ruin the Ukrainian soil (the so called bread basket of the world) for farming and agriculture for six generations.

How can we, the British people, accept such horrors perpetrated in our name? How have we let this happen? The hypocrisy is so blatant when we make out we have green policies and are peace loving Brits. What an absolute horror this is.

And the bombing by the Ukrainians of Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant – the largest in Europe – is still going on. This war could have been over a month after it started had it not been for Johnson and Nato who seem determined to keep it going on and on, heading – it would almost certainly seem – to a nuclear war.

I wrote to Dr Luke Evans MP about a month ago about the nightmare of depleted uranium and its affects but – despite inviting me to go and see him to discuss his government in general – he failed to reply about these weapons, just like he did about the Ukrainian bombing of the Zaporozhye Power Plant.

God help those poor people and children who suffer from these DU shells – DU shells sent by the British and paid for with our taxes. To destroy Ukrainian land and contaminate their food. This is actually a future genocide of Ukrainians and everyone living there for six generations.

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