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On the EU referendum

  By Michael Skywood Clifford The EU is already a failed project, but if we remain in, then over forthcoming decades things will get far worse. First, let [..]

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The problem facing the UK Labour Party

By Michael Skywood Clifford   The Labour Party was founded on Methodism and Marxism, so the saying goes. The problem for Jeremy Corbyn and his left wing team [..]


The Today Programme

I wrote this some time ago but I thought it was worth running again By Michael Skywood Clifford. An email from a BBC executive said that the BBC [..]

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Hooked dangerously on technology

Protagonists of science claim that dire warnings about the future are essentially unpredictable. They quote the 19th Century futurist who said that by the middle of the 20th [..]

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By Michael Sywood Clifford When Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, was appointed he stated that the NHS is a “60-year-old mistake” and he called for it to be dismantled. [..]

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My letters to the Editor

PUBLISHED IN THE HINCKLEY TIMES By Michael Skywood Clifford 12th September 2013 Dear Editor, When MPs voted on Thursday 29 August in the House of Commons to veto [..]

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On Punk

By Michael Skywood Clifford. In 2012, the BBC are celebrating Punk with a series on BBC4 and further programmes on Radio 4 and Radio 6. I think Punk [..]

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Newspapers anyone?

By Michael Skywood Clifford. There is now an obvious realisation that most Western news outputs are spinning the truth. We have all – globally – suspected for decades [..]

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What’s is really going on with the Euro. Part 2

By Michael Skywood Clifford. Is federal Europe being born?  Or is the child going to miscarry? This is the point in history when the Euro child lives or [..]


What is really going on with the Euro? Part 1

By Michael Skywood Clifford. Like everyone else these days I read a lot of articles about the troubles of the Euro. I enjoy reading about it, always thinking [..]