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(Editors note: The number of genocidal murders and atrocities mentioned here will have increased since this speech) Israel…(some audio confusion). has acted with disregard and disdain. Why are [..]

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Poking the Russian bear…? Hmmm.

Poking the Russian Bear at last has had a response. They have woken it up big time! All the promises of NATO saying it would never expand eastwards [..]

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LABOUR CREATED THE NHS! How preposterous that the Tories now claim they did!!

by Dr John Puntis (Co-Chair of Keep Our NHS Public)   The Conservatives never were “the party of the NHS”, and history proves it. 17 November 2019 Keep [..]

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We are living through a time of fear – not just of the virus, but of each other

by Jonathan Cook 23 March 2021 Welcome to the age of fear. Nothing is more corrosive of the democratic impulse than fear. Left unaddressed, it festers, eating away [..]

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On the Assisted Dying Bill

By Michael Skywood Clifford   Of course we can all understand why anyone in dreadful pain might want to end their life. All of us are empathetic to [..]

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On The Labour Party…

by Michael Skywood Clifford   Like many people I despair of the present Labour Party.   There's no doubt that the Labour Party for some time at least [..]

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Finance Capitalism vs. Industrial Capitalism – The Rentier Resurgence and Takeover

by Michael Hudson Posted on January 26, 2021 by Yves Smith By Michael Hudson, a research professor of Economics at University of Missouri, Kansas City, and a research [..]

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Hooked dangerously on technology

Protagonists of science claim that dire warnings about the future are essentially unpredictable. They quote the 19th Century futurist who said that by the middle of the 20th [..]

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Street Fundraisers

I get quite annoyed by these charity people who approach me in the street for money. The problem is they won't take a donation for cash, but insist [..]

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A Song for Tony

by Michael Skywood Clifford My ex wife had emotional diarrhoea. Her sense of empathy was extreme. When a racehorse on TV jumped a fence she would go over [..]

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