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Hooked dangerously on technology

Protagonists of science claim that dire warnings about the future are essentially unpredictable. They quote the 19th Century futurist who said that by the middle of the 20th [..]

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Street Fundraisers

I get quite annoyed by these charity people who approach me in the street for money. The problem is they won't take a donation for cash, but insist [..]

Modern life

A Song for Tony

by Michael Skywood Clifford My ex wife had emotional diarrhoea. Her sense of empathy was extreme. When a racehorse on TV jumped a fence she would go over [..]

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The Firefly

By Michael Skywood Clifford It's a beautiful late afternoon and here I am in this wine bar/ pub, an alarming mishmash of style. It may be sunny outside [..]

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Pound shops

by Michael Clifford I remember in my early years turning to the back of the Exchange and Mart trade magazine and looking at the bankrupt stocks listed. This [..]

Modern life

The pleasure of summer, wifi and country pubs for a writer

A few weeks ago I – on a whim as always – bought a very tiny laptop, a notebook in fact. (I have since worked out it is [..]

Modern life

A ramble on drugs…

By Michael Skywood Clifford.   Imagine a world of utter hedonism: feeling high all the time; coked up, MDMA-ed up; at parties we take Ecstasy and Ketamine; and [..]

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On euthanasia and assisted suicide

By Michael Skywood Clifford.   It is interesting how opposite the views of most men and women are on euthanasia. Most women I know support it. They accept [..]

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Newspapers anyone?

By Michael Skywood Clifford. There is now an obvious realisation that most Western news outputs are spinning the truth. We have all – globally – suspected for decades [..]

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The Plough in Worcester

By Michael Skywood Clifford. One of the more interesting pubs in Worcester for the serious ale drinker is 'The Plough', situated on the corner of Fish Street in [..]

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