What has happened to Brexit?

So what happened to Britain leaving the EU?

The ‘Leavers’ won the referendum with 52% of the vote. A referendum is not representative democracy but a people’s vote that is implemented. A great deal of tax payer’s money was spent in sending out leaflets to every house in the UK saying that which ever the way people voted, their decision would be acted upon.

But the world is in the hands of a global establishment who cultivate the economic bloc and eschew the nation state economically. Why? Because nation states are expensive to run and economic blocs make them vast amounts of opaque money. So they expected – with ‘Remain’ Propaganda Project Fear blasting away in the media – the peasants would naturally vote ‘Remain’. Yet they voted ‘Leave’ and ‘Leave’ won. Utterly astonishing to everyone!! Even the Leavers.

So David – would you buy a used car off this man? – Cameron resigned and Theresa May was appointed to stand as leader of the Tory Party and PM. She stood uncontested by anyone else. Could this have been because she was married to one of the top executives of Europe’s biggest hedge fund and was seen as a serious member of the global establishment?

Claiming ‘Brexit was Brexit, she promised to deliver Brexit – despite being a ‘Remainer’ herself. She later said a ‘No Deal’ was better than a ‘Bad Deal’. However when her government entered into negotiations with Brussels, her Brexit minister, David Davis, resigned because he thought she was being too soft as a negotiator, allowing the EU negotiators to walk over her, a tendency he was concerned would get worse.

He was correct. Eventually she came out with her Chequers Bill and then her withdrawal Bill which appalled serious Brexiteers. And this was the beginning of the end of any chance of a genuine Brexit.

The people had voted by a reasonable majority, not massive, but a decisive one to leave. Yet, those who were to implement BREXIT were the MPs in the House of Commons, and 90% were against leaving.

May’s Chequers Bill and her Withdrawal Bill both failed with the Tory Party as neither were ‘Brexit’, but a form of ‘Remain’ with many bad aspects for the UK. And May said ‘It’s either my deal or ‘No Deal’.

But now astonishingly after two failed attempts to get her Withdrawal Bill though the Commons, ‘No Deal’ has now been removed as an option. And it was at this point that Brexit died.

When one is negotiating one always negotiates from a position of strength. At any moment you can walk away. However this is a weird negotiation because if we get no deal we CANT walk away, we remain imprisoned! And here we were throwing away one of our negotiating aces. So we are not exactly holding the aces in this tug of war.

Whichever way MPs voted now, Brexit was dead. The EU has killed all form of negotiating. It soon became either May’s bill or some other form of Remain. With her dictatorial manner, the whole of the House of Commons is looking as unstable as house of cards, and this period will resonate in the future of British politics. Although a referendum is a people’s vote, this whole issue has shown just what a farce so-called British ‘representative democracy’ really is. I repeat, May’s Brexit deal is a disguised form or Remain and all other voting options are a form of Remain. The weirdest outcome would be a 2nd referendum result where the people voted ‘Leave’ again, but that is most unlikely with the money having been spent on propaganda.

It struck many people who May had more in common with the Eurocrats than all of the MPs in the HOC. (Another member is the global elite is Tony Blair who is allegedly advising the EU on how to get the best deal, whatever happened to the crime of treachery?) This feeling of her EU collaboration was intensified, brought to a head, when she made her petulant TV announcement telling the public that it was the MPs that were to blame for not letting her withdrawal bill through. Remember, the EU were very happy with her bill and keep nudging for the British MPs to vote for it.

So ‘Leave’ supporting MPs have now no option other than to vote for some version of Remain. There is no tangible ‘Leave’ option left. At the same time the MPs are kept aware that the public – who vote for their MP – are being subjected to media which is awash with Project Leave Catastrophe.

May’s will must be done. She is a modern tyrant. And she doesn’t have the political skill to hide that fact. The DUP are holding out, but can they withstand the pressure. May’s deal is a disaster.

The Globalists in the EU have the UK by the short and curlies and are laughing their socks off. We cannot escape. May will have been a martyr to their cause.

The establishment were all against Brexit, hence I believe Brexit will not really happen.

And ‘Remainers’ (and everyone else) will rue this in the future when the EU starts to move through the gears speeding up federalism. The EU will want their pound of flesh.


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