Why is the British government supporting a regime that breaks international law and bombs a nuclear power plant?

by Michael Clifford

Letter to the editor of The Hinckley Times,

31 August 2022

Can anyone believe our government could support a government that would bomb a nuclear power station?

The Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant is the biggest in Europe, a plant twice the size of Chernobyl?

The media are claiming that Russians are shelling their own nuclear power plant. This would be impossible. The Russians have controlled and run the nuclear power plant since March. To suggest they would bomb themselves is idiotic. It is the Russians whom have invited in the IAEA inspectors to see what is truly going on.

Unless the Ukrainian attack is stopped, radiation will blow all over Europe. The anger created everywhere will almost inevitably push the war nuclear. The whole of Europe will be affected. Ukraine, Turkey, Russia. Bulgaria, Romania – and wherever the wind blows : children, families, the frail, people of all ages. This will kill and disease millions of civilians everywhere. And this is happening.

I wrote a fortnight ago to my MP about this inhuman move by President Zelensky. Dr Luke Evans has not replied despite me saying I would quote his comments in any letter I sent to the press.

Does he think this is an acceptable war-move for his government to support? It is insane. It is totally wreckless and inhuman. Barbarous. The shelling of this massive plant MUST stop.

I was pleased to be told that the previous leader of the British Army, Lord General Dannatt, said last week in a Murdoch interview that the war should now come to an end, and also for Peter Hitchens to bravely articulate the same on a Sunday front page: “All it will achieve is more death more blood and more utter misery.”

But our Government still fans the flames of war, sending in your arms and money – of which no one seems to be accountable. Killing more young males from both Ukraine (women conscripts too now) and Russia, when in fact there is absolutely nothing to be gained.

It is the shelling of this nuclear power plant is not stopped, historians of the future will hammer this country’s reputation for what prevails. Our leaders will be described as perpetrators of random genocide. So much for the UK being an honest broker!

Are we really supporting a regime that would completely destroy a nuclear power plant, leaving its smouldering nuclear core emitting radiation for decades to come? What sort of regime is that? What sort of country are we? And How could we ever then address the peace which will inevitably come?

The first casualty in any war is the truth. We can see that: the proof being the massive barrage of propaganda that has been on all our media – with all alternative viewpoints closed down. It will be to the praise of any fourth estate media that publishes this letter.

Michael Clifford

Published in full by the Hinckley Times on letters page, Issue dated 7th September


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