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On euthanasia and assisted suicide

By Michael Skywood Clifford.   It is interesting how opposite the views of most men and women are on euthanasia. Most women I know support it. They accept [..]

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On Punk

By Michael Skywood Clifford. In 2012, the BBC are celebrating Punk with a series on BBC4 and further programmes on Radio 4 and Radio 6. I think Punk [..]

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Newspapers anyone?

By Michael Skywood Clifford. There is now an obvious realisation that most Western news outputs are spinning the truth. We have all – globally – suspected for decades [..]

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What’s is really going on with the Euro. Part 2

By Michael Skywood Clifford. Is federal Europe being born?  Or is the child going to miscarry? This is the point in history when the Euro child lives or [..]


What is really going on with the Euro? Part 1

By Michael Skywood Clifford. Like everyone else these days I read a lot of articles about the troubles of the Euro. I enjoy reading about it, always thinking [..]


The Plough in Worcester

By Michael Skywood Clifford. One of the more interesting pubs in Worcester for the serious ale drinker is 'The Plough', situated on the corner of Fish Street in [..]

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BBC Radio 4 and its appalling propaganda programmes called ‘Today’ and ‘PM’.

By Michael Skywood Clifford. An email from a BBC executive said that the BBC are completely impartial. It took me five minutes to stop laughing. If I hadn't [..]

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