The Dragon Inn in Worcester

By Michael Skywood Clifford.

The Dragon is on the edge of Worcester city centre, situated on the 51 The Tything, Worcester, which is slightly north of Foregate Station. It is often the best pub for real ales in the entire city, and specializes in pale ale.

Going through the door of etched glass reading 'BAR'. you will see a long room laid with an Indian patterned carpet of turquoise, blue and red. The Indian theme stretches to the upholstery, albeit in different colours: small patterns of greens and blues, fitted into vast browns and reds. The stool tops are three main colours: grey, green and olive.

This long room was was once three rooms that have had their walls knocked out to form the main lounge. The lounge sports a big window to allow bright light to enter from the main road.  There is much space in there for you to stretch out. Above the old fashioned central heating radiator in front of fire screen are many classical containers of whiskey. The ceiling is a tainted 70s artex.

A door right at the far end that leads to a spacious backyard with trestle tables. There six real ales on and a cider as I write:  Millstone Brewery: – Vale Mili, (3.9 abv); Little Ale Cart Brewery – The Zetland, (4.0 abv); Mighty Oak – Snap Dragon; Country life Brewery – Pot Wallop; Dark Star Brewing Company – Pale Ale; Mighty Oak – Tom Foolery. Four of these are pale ales. These read from left to right, the weakest to the strongest.

Like many real ale pubs The Dragon has beermats on wall section and loads of beermats over bar. Here there are also bottles of beer lit by false Wells Fargo Victoriana gas lamps. Occasionally posters adorn the walls such as the present Jubilee Jamboree poster.

Newspapers are always available, especially the Daily Telegraph and Independent. Be warned: the pub is often closed between 3.00pm – 4.30pm through the week. Richard runs the pub and Andy or Nick is often the man behind the bar.

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