Enter here those who dare….

What are the subliminal assumptions underlying many or our political and cultural issues? And when we dig down deep and try to unravel them, further questions are needed. Where are these preset axioms coming from? Who is delivering them?

Of course, a great deal of our ingrained assumptions are being broadcast continually from the mainstream media under the category of news. But who makes the news selection and where do these politically placed pundits who speculate on what the news 'might mean' come from? In the UK this media includes all freeview television media, Radio 4 (and the very few other 'serious talk' radio programmes) and British newspapers such as the Guardian, the Telegraph, the Sun, Mirror and Mail etc. However it is especially refreshing to see the beginning of one or two exceptions that prevail against the status quo. Intellectual ideas can never be killed, only buried. Yet despite how much they are covered over, it is in the nature of language that they must keep re-emerging as rescuing spectres, haunting the ostentatious vanities of any society. Especially a society that is tyrannically neo-liberal, plutocratic and atheist-Darwinist.


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