American policy puts Special Military Operation into some perspective

To Hinckley Times. Written 26th September, published in full 5th October 2022

Dear Editor,

I reply to Mr Wilson. Yes, the Russian forces went in on a special military operation (SMO) to help the Eastern Ukrainians who had been bombed by the illegitimate Kiev government for eight years with the loss of 14,000 lives. The SMO was to enter into East Ukraine to protect and rescue these people and to stop this long war.

I have to compare this with Nato in Afghanistan who abandoned most of their people leaving them to the perils of the Taliban, unemployment, poverty and hunger.

You may not agree that the above justifies what you call ‘a Russian invasion’ but I quote American historian Willaim Blum: “Since 1945, the US has tried to overthrow more than 50 governments, many of them democratically elected; grossly interfered in elections in 30 countries; bombed the civilian populations of 30 countries; used chemical and biological weapons; and attempted to assassinate foreign leaders.” I think this puts ‘SMO’ into some perspective.

You could ask, “why didn’t we send weapons and vast amounts of tax payers money to countries when the US invaded sovereign territory?” What about raising money for other war(s) against Palestine or Yemen and many others?

It is especially important to note the broken agreements of Ukraine, France and Germany. They guaranteed to protect the safety of these Eastern Ukranians signing several ‘Minsk’ agreements. But they had no intention of keeping these people from harm. Eastern Ukrainains continued to be bombed by the Ukranian government. They were turned into pariahs too, where speaking Russian was made a crime. All historically verifiable

Your justification that the Ukranians should be allowed to bomb Zaparozhye nuclear power station is not a good war aim. Despite it being illegal, it would kill the entire Ukranian population.

Nato signed a treaty in the 90s stating they would never head east and threaten Russia’s security. Lies again. More international agreements trashed by the ‘West’. Breaking treaties IS what Hitler government did. And in 2014, while US money and military poured into Ukraine, a Western backed putsch violently removed the elected Ukrainian government.

And who would want a militaristic hostile neighbour with weapons of mass destruction? Like the US during the Cuban missile crisis, the Russians will not accept aggressive neighbours with nuclear intentions (and in this case already-placed biological and chemical weapons labs which the US has agreed were there) on their borders.

Mr. Wilson, as people used to say in former days, “I may disagree with you but I would fight for your right to say it.” I hope you share the same values.

To the writer of the unattributable letter, It started well but I was sorry to see it descend into a blitz of unproven Russiaphobia propaganda. No room to discuss that here.

A year ago the Russians gave us cheap and reliable energy and shared many global concerns with us, such as science, space exploration, etc. Now due to synchronised Darth Vaderfication by the corporate media the plot is to have their leaders and people considered monsters.

Why don’t the US, EU and UK countries overtly declare war? No, they seem happy for the Ukrainians dying for them. But these ‘Western’ countries don’t want body bags combing back home. Elections would be lost. Proxy wars are the trend.

American military analysts experts say tthe Ukranian military will never recover Donetsk, Lugansk or Crimea. The war map used by the Pentagon (created by Ukrainians) is on the web, free for all to see. The West want to keep the war spinning with upbeat news. Needless to say. a lot of money is made out of war.

I hope for this war to end soon to save both Ukranian and Russian lives. The West doesn’t seem to want that. They seem to be happy leading us to WWIII. I suppose they can then blame the Russians for the massive hike in our cost of living and the CHAOS they themselves have created.

Nevertheless I live in hope.

Michael Clifford


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