By Michael Sywood Clifford

When Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, was appointed he stated that the NHS is a “60-year-old mistake” and he called for it to be dismantled. Does anyone think he's changed his mind?

Aneurin Bevan said on the 4th July 1948 in a speech at Manchester, 4 July 1948: “The eyes of the world are turning to Great Britain. We now have the moral leadership of the world and before many years we shall have people coming here as to a modern Mecca, learning from us in the twentieth century as they learned from us in the seventeenth century.

The NHS was created at the end of the Second World War. It was a child of its time: Christianity and Socialism was in the air and the NHS was born of these. Also after the appalling way WWI troops were treated when they returned from the First World War, the Atlee Government wanted to create 'A Land fit for Heroes'. A free state health system was conceived and set up despite great resistance by the Tory opposition at the time. Now in 2014, the NHS is being attacked on all sides by serious enemies of the NHS that are trying to destroy it.

Since WWII, the Baby-boomers have witnessed (and have been partly responsible for) the decline of Christian ethics and of the rise of Social Darwinism. Nowadays society's leaders regard the weak and vulnerable as much more expendable than in 20th Century due to constant media propaganda promoting Social Darwinism and attacking  Christian and main stream religious ethical concepts.

I was inspired to write this because In a hospital waiting room the other day, full of cancer patients waiting to see their consultants, two patients sat opposite me reading their newspapers. The front page headlines were held up unconsciously, exposed to all the other patients. The Sun read, “NHS nurse shut baby in cupboard' and the Daily Mail leading headline read '12000 patients left for 12 hours on trolleys.”

At first I didn't know whether to be pleased as no one seemed concerned about such propaganda or livid that such propaganda was allowed to be printed. Yet how could anyone who was being treated for cancer read such detritus? In fact I was disgusted. The print and broadcast media is presently ablitz with daily stories trashing the reputation of the NHS but why? It's obvious to me. It is because of the enemies of the NHS are engaged in a campaign to bring it down and sell it off.


The enemies of the National Health Service are the people who resent paying taxes for it. They are the people who covet it's wealth and it's potential to make money. These are the people who are ideologically against the entire public sector. Of course it is difficult to apportion blame exactly so I speak in generalisations, but like statistics, they indicate an experiential (and well documented) truth.

The enemies of the NHS includes trillionaires who rule the world; the extravagantly wealthy who run and own the multinational corporations with their vast pyramids of highly paid executive lackeys (eg. managers, lawyers, accountants, lobbyists, public relations, opinion formers, focus groups, advertisers, etc – a whole array of professional liars). These ruthless people and institutions execute their masters will. They might not personally set out to destroy the NHS but the systems they create – which forever seek greater profits – do. A bank is a monstrous thing (a quote on Radio 4 this morning) if it doesn't keep gorging on profits it crashes.

However it is important to state at the outset that there are people born into enormous wealth, status, power and privilege who have normal, ethical personalities very different from the people and systems described here. These people do not let ruthless greed have it all its own way, actively taking opposing positions. But it is important to realise they are a minority. And of course, certain types of professions attract certain types of people. People in the public sector are (initially at least) motivated to help people. Those in the private sector are motivated by seeking profit. That is not to say, of course, that many business people are highly ethical and communally minded and some public sector people are less concerned with helping people than they should be. However these are minority inversions, my premise stands.

The 1% of the people with over 40% of the world's wealth have one wish. To get richer than Creosus. This means not only to keep their current wealth but to increase it. And to increase it exponentially. These people and their companies have two maxims. Maximise profits; minimise losses. Grab all the money, land and capital that is available by methods fair and foul and and avoid taxation. Nothing else matters. This is essentially Capitalism in the raw. As it states in the Bible, 'much wants more'. These types never have enough largesse, control or political power. They are the short term grabbers of assets and long term manipulators of political trends. These Neo Liberal Social Darwinists (NLSDs) are fiercely competitive. Winning is all. They are the dominant class. Life is not a practise run. Everyone who is not for them is against them.

A psycho-analytical diagnosis about this obsessive craving of wealth in such an extreme form must be that the patient is racked with a profound sense of lack. Poverty must be embranded on their psyche. Such pathology sums up the worst aspects of human nature, unfortunately it is these pathological humans that control the globe because their families and dynasties have compulsively amassed enormous wealth.

NLSDs attitudes to the lower orders
The ruling class regard ordinary people as totally expendable in achieving their aims. A few decades ago, the ruling classes were prepared to pay taxes to pay for and maintain a massive slave/ employee class because it brought them great profits. But those days have gone, large work forces and mass production is now being replaced by automation: computers and robots. The ruling class now resent the poor and the vulnerable for existing and costing them taxes.

This elite campaign negatively against mainstream religion because religions stand up for the vulnerable, claiming that to look after those less fortunate than oneself is an act of God. They hate Socialists, who say that global and national wealth should be shared out equally to create a fairer society. Better not to print and broadcast ideas like that it could lead to revolution! Any broadcast documentaries of history these days are twisted to smear the successes of Social Democracy in the past and promote the wonderful benefits of Neo Liberalism now.

The elite do not want a happy, healthy, educated population; this would create people who complain, and who would confront them politically and threaten to undermine the power, control and wealth. Well educated people are a challenge (they are also a great pleasure!) The uneducated are easily hoodwinked. For example, the less intelligent can be persuaded by advertising and 'sign here' credit and loan sharks to rack up ludicrous debts which then forces them to work for starvation wages and 'hours only' contracts. Profits all around for our masters! Despite today's high tech world the ruling class still have absolutely no interest in educating the masses.

Are we living in a society where the people are deliberately infantalised, where – distracted by soap operas, celebrity gossip and trivial distraction – while the really important things, their jobs, pensions and public services are stolen from them?

The new NLSDs are neo-feudalist capitalists
In the twenty-teens of the 21st Century, we have moved – and are still moving – from the age of Social Democracy to a Global Feudalism where global lords of the manor have total dominion over global peasants. These aristocrats seek to hire all goods and services (especially public services) out to the peasants. Whether it is roads, the internet, libraries, parks, access to medicine or television services they are going to charge each peasant for every second of usage.

As many people are aware, Marx called ordinary people, 'the proletariat'. And he said  conflict between ordinary people and the ruling class was 'Class War'.  

The ruling class seek to attack and demoralise all historical bases of co-operative communalism, to replace it with selfish individualism. Divide and rule. They attack all things that help the lower classes. They attack education, health, medicine, general practise, medical services, legal aid, students, trade unions, universities, public legal entities like citizen's advice or the probation service, police force, the RAF, etc. As stated above, religions like Christianity, Hinduism and Islam  – which promote thinking and debate about ethical philosophy, a sort of political education – are deprived the oxygen of good publicity. We are subject to a barrage of repetitive media brainwashing gradually destroying the wisdom of Christianity, making folly of our ethical and common sense positions learned over centuries. While our virtues are trashed the polices of the neo-liberalists and ruthless capitalism are promoted.

The ruling class attack anything which undermines their class, position, power and control. Their only connection to altruism and help for the community are token philanthropic gestures of self congratulatory blurbs put out daily all over the global media for public relations purposes.


The devils against the NHS have learned over the centuries to use a trident of helpers: politicians, professional liars and class cronies

Many people are unable to accept that our leaders are not beneficent Gods looking after us.

Everyone eventually – as he grows up – begins to realise there is massive corruption and all sorts of bad motives for careerists making it to the top to spend their lives making decisions for the rest of us.

Most ambition is related to a desire for ego, status and money. Many people who seek status and a better salary do not set out to leave their principles behind, but certainly these days it is often the case that the higher one climbs and the more one earns, the more one is expected to replace old ethical scruples for Neo Liberal ones. To continue to climb the greasy pole one needs to keep one's line manager sweet.

It would be great if our politicians were all honest. Yet – as was demonstrated by all the iniquities of the expenses scandal and the recent wheeling and dealing in the House of Lords – many are not. Rotten apples soon contaminate the new fresh apple arriving in the barrel. That is not to say that there aren't one or two politicians who are honest and scrupulous. However the phrase, 'money talks and bullshit walks' is highly appropriate in political circles. How many politicians resist the big prizes offered by corporations who seeks their help? Politicians have immense influence and often power that make corporate lobbyists smile at them every day. For many the sugar is too tempting to resist. Our politicians mutate from working for the benefit of their constituents to the benefit of their corporate masters. He who pays the piper calls the tune. Our media is always accusing other country's politicians of corruption. They ought to look at their own, England's politicians and private organisations.

The NLSDs in disguise
These days the decisions that political parties make in government (not to be confused with their manifestos – these are generally full of lies, broken promises and equivocal verbage that promises everything to everyone) are exactly the laws desired by the NLSDs. It is not at all surprising that the Tory Party excell at this as most of the power-wielding Tories in the present cabinet are from silver spoon families.

The Tories and those they represent have always hated the concept of free state health care. They did not want to pay for it. They also did not want to lose the profits of private health care. In the heyday of the NHS, they fought tooth and nail to stop it being formed. The privileged class cared no more about the health of the ordinary person than they cared about sending millions to die in the trenches of the First World War. Many regarded the ordinary labourer as a mere pawn whose only use was to labour to increase the wealth of the controllers.

Class Warrior
Our present PM (and his right wing peers) are class war warriors for the NLSDs. He fights on their behalf and no doubt, like Blair, (who did nicely out of serving the NLSDs) Cameron will receive his rewards in due course. Cameron is related to the Queen and comes from a wealthy estate. It is a well known story about his Bullingdon Club days that he and his Eton chums used to smash up hotel rooms for fun, and then chuck them a cheque to cover the damage. Etonian Osbourne, whose another member of the Bullingdon Club, is the son and heir of a baron.

Before Cameron attempted to be elected into government by the British people in 2009 (which he wasn't) he made a television promise to the electorate: “…With the Conservatives there will be no more of the tiresome, meddlesome, top-down restructures that have dominated the last decade of the NHS.” As we all know, Andrew Lansley, Cameron's health minister, went on to launch one of the largest reorganisations in NHS history.  Sir David Nicholson, head of the NHS Commissioning Board, referring to a £20bn cut joked sardonically that the reorganisation of the NHS that it is "big enough to see from space".

Cameron's quote has now been rubbed off the conservative web site!

In 2009 Cabinet Reshuffle, Cameron appointed a man opposed to a national health service as the new Health Secretary. The newly appointed Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, revealed his true feelings about our treasured NHS, stating that he believes the NHS is a “60-year-old mistake”, and he called for it to be dismantled. With friends like these, who needs enemies? It is in their interests to run down the NHS.

Aneurin Bevan said at a speech in Manchester on 4 July 1944, “What is Toryism but organised spivvery? … No amount of cajolery can eradicate from my heart a deep burning hatred for the Tory Party … So far as I am concerned they are lower than vermin.”

Esme Madill mentions Cameron in her writing about her very positive experience with the NHS and its brilliant ambulance service states:

“…Cameron says it is the ‘go getters’, the ‘small businesses’ that will mend broken Britain. Not the public sector workers the prime minister assures us he will ‘do right by’ (it sounds as if he is doing public service employees a favour) —while pushing forward NHS ‘modernisation’ which is in truth dismantling and privatisation that will, in the words of BMA chairman Hamish Meldrum, Royal College of Nursing chief executive Peter Carter and the heads of Unison, Unite, “undermine the care of patients by putting cost before quality”.

She compares the salaries of those from the City to ambulance drivers.
“…About the latest pay awards for City investment bankers —JP Morgan, will pay £1.87billion in salary and bonuses to its London staff, an average payout of £234,180 —Cameron urges us to stop seeking vengeance. ‘It’s about getting the balance right,’ he says. But NHS ambulance staff work 39 or 40 hours a week. Many work shifts, including nights, weekends and public holidays. Salaries range from £14,010 a year for a trained care assistant, to £19,264 for an ambulance technician.

That compares with £27,000-a-week (yes, every single week) trousered by Nick Buckles, chief executive of privatisation beneficiary G4S.”


The Orange Book Lib-Dems
But the Tories could not have reduced the NHS from the highest ever patient satisfaction rate to life support in just five years without the Lib-dems.

The Orange Book is a political organisation in Westminster whose members believe an organisation is pointless unless it makes a profit. Both Vince Cable and Clegg are members. I assume joining such clubs must be one of the hoops to go through before the heirarchy actually consider one for promotion to high office.

New Labour
Whereas the Tory Party historically fights for the interests of the aristocrats, the Labour Party started as a working class party fighting for the interests of the working class. However since the great Labour days of the 1945 Atlee administration Labour declined as the representative of the common people and hit an all time nadir when led by the 'Tory' spirits of Tony Blair (his father was a Tory MP).  

New Labour, who gained power in 1997, actually made more cuts on the public sector than the previous Thatcher administration. And without the Blair/ Brown administration the NHS would not be in such a mess as it is. They encouraged outsourcing within the NHS and prepared the ground for the Tories to privatise it.

The downright robbery of the Public Finance Initiative
PFI was started by the Tories and expanded by the incoming 97 Labour Government. Money from the private sector to build hospitals. As was predicted this deal proved extremely bad for the NHS and extremely beneficial to the private sector. In return for financing the building of hospitals, all the contractual advantages were on their side. It promised tax payers money for decades, with increasing interest. It was a massive tax drain.

Over the years NHS debts would escalate and PFI would steal most of the budget that tax payers contributed to create and support the NHS. The effects of PFI go on to bankrupt many health trusts. Legal costs will soon become enormous too, £500 million is required for the lawyers doing the top down reorganisation that is presently going on. All this tax payers money is at best being wasted, at worst being stolen, when it should be providing healing to the sick.

Now whichever mainstream party rules we always get the same: the implementation of NLSD's policies; decisions which benefit the ruling class and their vast corporations.

Tax drains
There was a brilliant documentary on Channel 4 in the 90s that showed that most of this tax payers money ended up not going back into paying for care but going to tax havens. Some of the organisers and the recipients of the profits of this had seats in the House of Lords. Now, I suspect that such a programme would neither be made nor be be considered for broadcast.

After WWII, the UK had progressive taxation, which meant that the more you earn the more you pay. And this was based on a percentage of earnings. In the 60s, the rich paid approx 90%. Nowadays the rich pay about 20% but even that is too painful for them. They continually lobby for a flat tax. This means that no matter how much the disparity between earnings, everyone will pay the same tax. if s/he earns £300 a week s/he will pay £90 a week tax. If s/he earns £100,000 a week s/he will pay £90 a week. It doesn't take a genius to see why they want this. (Incidentally this is one of UKIP's aspirations.)

Unite, together with War on Want and Change to Win, exposed the level of tax evasion by one private sector player that benefits from NHS income. In 2007, Alliance Boots left the FTSE 100, to go private. It is now based in Switzerland. Research shows that over six years Alliance Boots has avoided paying £1bn in taxes – despite drawing an estimated 40 per cent of its British revenue from services it supplies to the NHS. To understand the scale of what the tax-payer lost lost, the £1bn equates to more than two years prescription charges for all of England or 185,000 hip replacements.

And they love repeatable profits
Just like the original conman cowboy who rolled into Dodge City on a wagon selling quack medicine and to make a killing out of people's illnesses, the NLSDs want to do the same. To own health care would be such a prize to the fat-rats.

Medicine is a GREAT earner. Nothing makes more money than repeat orders and compulsory necessity. People will pay immense amounts of money to avoid pain. They will sell their homes to stay alive. Drugs, illegal and legal, are a great way for the rich to accrue big money fast. The NLSDs are falling over themselves to get the money from paid medical services.

They wish to own the NHS (and other public services) because these services have grown to become proficient in what they do. For example, over the early years problems within the NHS system have been ironed out to work efficiently. All this improvement and 'bedding down' has been funded by decades of tax payer's money. Wall street then buys up an efficient working system that has cost millions to create at ludicrous bargain basement prices. Criminal!

The wheelers and dealers in the city and Wall Street, the banksters, the insurance companies (National Health Insurance paid in taxes would then be subject to a tax drain going instead to the private sector) hedge fund speculators and global medical companies are salivating at the prize of sharing out our National Health Service.

If you think I am exaggerating things, just consider the following article published in the Daily Mirror, July 23 2009


Doubts that the NHS can ever be safe in Conservative hands are reinforced when prominent right-wingers start talking about charging patients

David Cameron's assurances have long rung hollow when he treats public spending as a disease, and presents cuts in public services as a cure for the ailing economy. His party was against the creation of the health service and its commitment to one of Britain's greatest, if not the greatest, institutions is not well-founded. This week the Tory-friendly Social Market Foundation think-tank advocated a £20 fee to see a doctor. And now a right-winger who flaunts his connections with the party's leadership is floating what is euphemistically termed "co-payments" for the sick. Either Mr Cameron publicly denounces these people and their madcap schemes, or the electorate should brace itself for any Tory Government to charge for what is now free.

As I write this page, the 'Today' programme says that a think tank is suggesting a £10 charge for anyone who goes into A&E.

I read the other day a suggestion by a Tory MP to charge for state education.

Class Cronies
Class Cronies are well heeled people who fight for the upper classes, who are usually ex public school pupils and usually come from a well to do or aristocratic families with a great deal of wealth. The ruling classing are so wealthy they are society's shakers and movers with their influence, their bribes of largesse, and their threats. They richly reward their class cronies from high positions in the managerial world.

The strategy of the ruling class
The overall plan of the the Ruling Class is the complete abolition of all public services. They plan to privatise it, allow a new management to asset strip it, to sack a lot of its workers (and give those remaining a bigger workload) and to dumb down the contracts of those who remain (or offer them their jobs back under seriously diminished working contracts). As a result of these changes this excellent free public service has been transformed to an inferior privately owned service which the public pay for. All of the privateers will now make huge profits. And taxes they paid formerly used to support the public sector can now be given as tax breaks to the wealthy.

They input cronies as managers
Many class cronies are called up to be managers of the NHS. They are paid to discretely wreck a public company they are involved in leading. The enemy within. And then the appalling decisions and deliberate mistakes that take place are then broadcast across the media, blamed on the workers and it's government funding.

They deliberately manage decline
The elite have been engaged in management that deliberately sabotages a public service: so as to degrade and destroy the credibility of that public service. It is run down until it is disparaged by the public. They have done this with all the public services, the NHS is getting it now. The relentless negative propaganda may have this effect within a year, after the 2015 election, or a decade or two decades but IT IS THEIR PLAN. It seems that money is always available to those who seek to trash the public sector.

They incentivise the private sector
Simultaneously they give financial incentives to private sector competitive organisations, and heavily publicise positive eulogies about them to attract the public to these fee paying organisations (this is presently seen in education with academies)
They sow mayhem and confusion
A strategy of wrecking a public company is to create as much confusion and dissent within the organisation as you can. To overtax workers, to create workforce disharmony and to make employees subject to ludicrous decisions and continual new initiatives. Before the shop floor has grasped the last reorganisation they are hit with another.

They pass fog filled legislation
Another confusion ruse is to enact legal bills in Parliament that are so confusing and so incomplete (until the next bill is written) they are incomprehensible – which creates confusion and mayhem, divide and rule

They attack with criticism from bogus orgs
Dubiously qualified legal entities, institutions and agencies are created (called something like the 'European Health Advisory' or similar), These then blaze out criticism of the NHS in the headlines. They are given maximum media coverage.

They Privatise by stealth
If the public doesn't know the health service is being privatised there will be no complaints. So it is important for everything to look normal. The public are kept in the dark. The changes are insiduous and the enemy is within, the privatisation is by stealth. So any part that is sold is still allowed to be called the NHS. This strategy happened to a great deal of the Co-Operative, it seems public but much is in fact privately owned.

Tax drains to monopolist suppliers
Insidiously hospitals are now subject to restrictive locked-in suppliers, which are of course expensive and drain more tax for the wealthy. Hospital services that used to raise money for the hospital, eg canteens and pharmacies have now been sold to private companies – and the tax that used to be recycled for the public good leaves health care and goes to the pockets of the wealthy once again. I am told by a caretaker at a large Midlands hospital that a simple job like fixing a plug must only be done by the one preferred monopoly maintenance company and then the simplest, smallest maintenance job proves appallingly expensive. A ward sister says that they can only buy packs of bandages and cannulas from one supplier and they extremely expensive. She also says that the drip-pump machines are cheap and nasty compared to the reliable old NHS supplied ones. In this latter case, both are now supplied in her hospital (and likely all of them) by an outside company with an exclusive contract called Braun. Even the car parks – which are free in Scotland and Wales have been privatised in England. Charging the sick and their vistors to park is appalling.

They sell it on to kill its legal caviats
Any constitutional regulations still attached to it will be removed when it is sold again (and maybe again) until all legal restrictions have gone and then it becomes a completely private profit making machine for the fat rats who bought it.

Bribing the public
And just before the public service is privatised, share deals are offered to its employees (and the public) to bolster support for the sell off. They are offered only a few crumbs in this bribery, the fat rats buy up the controlling banquet of shares.

The Media

The daily drip drip drip of propaganda
All day long on every British news media outlet, the NHS is continually slagged off, a relentless attack softening us for the sell off to the fats rats of the City and the insurance bloodsuckers of the American care industry.

Editors of the loudspeaker of the world, the global media, largely are placed and incentivised to report the establishment view. The journalists who comply find both their status and earning potential within the media are quickly raised. The NLSDs own most of the mainstream media, if they don't already own it, they own a lot of its puppets. They desperately want to control and own the internet, a battle ongoing presently. As I've stated previously the ruling class know that negative campaigning will eventually be effective.

Psychological 'nous'
The NLSDs have a strategy which they have learned over the past hundred years of psychology, public relations, media analysis, advertising and a litany of their political – and others – mistakes. By the term media – I mean not only newspapers and television news and public affair programmes but novels, short stories, stories within stories, films, television drama, adverts; even pop lyrics (eg Born In The USA, Rocking In The Free World, Fighting In The Street, Won't Get Fooled Again, Taxman, etc).

Ultra sophisticated propagandists of today know that the majority of the public have their common sense and opinion swayed through emotion. For example, the NLSDs saw how emotional and 'naive' many of the population are when so many put flowers and funereal tributes on the railings of Buckingham Palace when Diana was murdered in France and they took note. They persuade more by emotional manipulation and sublim than by any logic. They realise that most people find thinking too much like hard work. They know that a large majority of the population are easily 'hypnotisable'.

To be able to claim impartiality and democratic freedom of speech, editors of mainstream broadcast and print media cover a small percentage of counter ideas. For example, Radio 4's 'Today' programme (claimed to have 7 million listeners every day) Socialist ideas may cover one day of the year but Neo Liberal ideas will get 364 days of the year. Democratic and unbiased?

The propagandist's knowledge and understanding of psychology makes them realise they can change social attitudes and social norms by including stories in soap operas and regular dramas. The West Wing was the prelude to having Obama in the White House and Midsommer Murders now has a Cameron look and sound alike (replacing John Nettles) playing a controlling detective. I read that the Murdoch heirarchy thought this was a great idea and they went to the TV studios to celebrate. No doubt our TVs will be awash with this version of Midsommer Murders in the months before the next general election in 2015.

One rule for private another for public
Despite all the enormous cock ups of the private sector – the litany of crimes perpetrated by the City and the banks of A4e or G4s, the violence exposed by Panorama of a private care home – these do not avoid media criticism but the reporting is short and sharp, not continual and relentless like criticism of the public sector. When it comes to the public services it is non-stop consistent Orwellian brainwashing to change public opinion: private sector good, public sector bad. There is an OFSTED for all of the public services but where are they for the private sector organisations?

And as a result all we hear about is bad things happening in the NHS, bad management, bad nurses, bad operations, death pathways, hopeless A and E departments. They dissed both the Railways and the Royal Mail before the sell off. The BBC is getting it at the moment.

Skywalker, on his website, commented about the Daily Telegraph. http://skwalker1964.wordpress.com/2012/11/01/telegraph-at-it-again-watch-out-for-next-phase-of-nhs-attack/

“…As I’ve pointed out before, the Telegraph is the arch-accomplice of the government and its private-healthcare backers when it comes to trying to prepare the minds of the electorate for whatever is the government’s latest push in its ideological attack on the NHS, pitching misleading headlines and even inserting negative stories into completely unrelated stories in its eagerness to tar and feather the NHS ready for burning, going so far as to issue instructions to sub-editors that the ‘cuckoo’ section mustn’t be removed (and then leaving it in by mistake!). Or something else. Just be sure it’s coming. The Telegraph is a rag, but it’s reliable in its collusion with the enemies of the NHS.”

This is not just the Telegraph but a great deal of the main stream media.

Sir Bernard Ingham, Margaret Thatcher's press officer said that the media was like an oil painting, it only made sense when you stood back and saw it in its entirety. In other words the media is totally controlled and orchestrated. It is not many different disparate parts in fact but one big animal. It is given one message (in each policy area) to get across to the whole UK public and these are disseminated to the many different markets in the way of style by their language, images and target journal or programme. The media has been sending us messages that the NHS is bust, bankrupt, criminal and hopeless and full of lazy nurses who lock people in cupboards and rich lazy consultants who chop the wrong leg off.

And what about all the good news? If a tree falls in a forest and no one sees it, according to the media (and the moving pen of history) it didn't fall. The tree never got the oxygen of publicity.

Goebbels said that if “a lie was big enough and repeated often enough everyone would believe it.” This is how they spread their lies about the NHS.

Does anyone notice?
Yes. I have just left a district nurse who said she was sick of hearing it on the news all the time. They spend as much time attacking the public services as they do Assad. How can you believe what they say about anything? As I write there has been in the past few days a letter written by many influential medical experts demanding that the media stop criticising the NHS. Absolutely!

Why do the establishment spend all that time and money telling us something is true when if it is true it is self evident. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. George Orwell again. “The only time I laugh these days is when I listen to the news,” said John Cleese. He obviously appreciated black humour.

Recently, Tory pary Dr Fox launched into the NHS once again. Dr Liam Fox was the initiator of The Atlantic Bridge Research and Education Scheme. This was claimed to be an educational charity founded in 1997 with Margaret Thatcher as its President to promote Atlanticism, a philosophy of cooperation between the United Kingdom and the United States regarding political, economic, and defence issues. Members included cabinet ministers, Michael Gove, George Osborne. William Hague and Chris Grayling previously sat on its advisory panel, as have American senators, Jon Kyl, Lindsey Graham and Joe Lieberman. The organisation's principal staff included Catherine Bray (US Executive Director), Adam Werritty (UK Executive Director) and Kara Watt (Operations Director). It was dissolved in September 2011, following a critical report from the Charity Commission the previous year. There is no doubt that this organisation was a total enemy of a free heath care system like the NHS.

Outrageous losses and true economics
One way the NLSD propagandist uses the media to persuade the ordinary person that the public sector is a hopeless case is by talking about big monetary losses. The ordinary worker relates this to his own life with no idea of the incredible figures that government departments deal with and so these losses sound huge! NHS enemies have learned that this method of 'outrageous losses' is very effective at persuading public to their view. “The Post Office is losing a million pounds a day.” They will be soon doing this with the NHS, making out that the trusts are all going bust.

It's important to realise, that contrary to propaganda, it isn't the NHS that is bankrupting itself. The NHS was the most efficiently run health system in the world until Thatcher brought in USA 'Monetarist' pro-Republican economists to advise that market forces should be brought in. That decision began to cripple the NHS, as it was meant to do.

The whole argument that private competition is better than public central planning is arrant nonsense but too big a subject to go into here. But, just as a simple idea, don't multinational companies use central planning economics?

And it's not just what they put in the news bulletins but what they leave out. Ask yourself why the mainstream TV news completely boycotted the March 2011 NHS rallies in Hyde Park? They spent 90% the coverage on the black garbed hoodies who were wandering the streets of London. Why? Typical use of distraction from what is actually important and relevant. If a tree falls over in a wood and no one sees it, did it fall? This is exactly how the media create on going history.

The enemies of the NHS will seize on the current crunch to declare the service broken. But they should remember how Danny Boyle's Olympic spirit revealed a strength of public passion they defy at their peril.


The nit-picking criticism of the NHS
It is inevitable there will be mistakes in the health service, as in any profession, trade or organisation. There will be the rare examples of bad nurses or bad doctors, just as much as there are a corrupt politicians, fraudulent businessmen or corrupt lawyers. Yet public sector mistakes (and many are downright porkies) will be BLOWN OUT OF ALL PROPORTION ACROSS THE MEDIA.

Working nurses
Yes, people complain do about nurses in the NHS. For example, complaints are made when the nurse disappears and fails to fulfil a patient's request. This does happen sometimes because the nurses are wildly overstretched at times. During my stay at the hospital I observed at times that the day ward I attended was as busy as a war hospital; there are almost too many patients and problems for the nurses to cope with but they always do an exemplary job in my experience over 15 years. Nurses are now difficult to recruit in this country, where all the girls are persuaded by the media to be models and pop stars; the NHS has to recruit them from Christian countries overseas where girls still have an ambition to be nurses.

My experience of a typical day in a chemotherapy ward showed me how hard nurses work.

Poly Toynbee writes below about visiting University College Hospital London (The Guardian 7 Feb 2013) and states all the logistical and medical skills required:


“…Talking to ward sisters here, you soon see what a remarkably tough managerial job it is to care for 36 patients with different conditions, on a rapid turnover. Simple things – from ordering pens, fixing a printer or mending a bash in the wall made by a clumsy porter – take many calls and much frustration. Hiring new nursing assistants means sifting 250 applications from the inefficient NHS jobs website. What a time it takes to arrange discharging patients needing community care from different local authorities, district nurses and GPs, while doctors chafe at beds not emptied fast enough for new cases. Bed occupancy is near 100%, as in most hospitals: scrupulous care over infection control is a constant worry, as is preventing bedsores. Cleaning and housekeeping needs supervising, so do the ward's stores.”

The media went ballistic about the NHS regarding the Mid Staffs NHS affair. 
Let's look at the true history of it. I suggest you click the link and read the whole article.


The true history of the Tories and NHS. The real story of Mid Staffs hospital

There were NO ‘excess’ deaths at Mid Staffordshire NHS during the 2005-2009 period in which the news media and anti-MSNHS campaigners claim there were 400-1200 of them – or, in the words of the independent clinical expert who led the ‘Independent Case-Note Review’ (ICNR) into each individual, contentious death at the Trust: maybe one.

This information has been in the public domain since at least 2010 – but I doubt if you could find a single reference to it in the mainstream media. “One person might have died!” does not sell newspapers, or gain viewers, in the same way that “400-1200 unnecessary deaths!!!” does, I guess.

You’re quite possibly thinking to yourself, “What?! How can that possibly be correct?” Here’s how.

In 2009, Dr Mike Laker was asked to conduct an independent review into the detailed case notes of every contentious death at MSNHS during the period in question. To identify which cases needed reviewing, the Trust offered all patients who had been treated by the Trust, or their families, the opportunity to ask for a detailed case note review – and ‘detailed’ is the right word: each review would take 5-6 months to complete, so a large number of expert, independent clinicians were needed to complete the process within a reasonable timeframe.

60 such requests were received – which already puts a massive question mark against the figures of 400-1200 ‘excess deaths’. In the course of the review, Dr Laker eventually interviewed 120 families and edited the case notes of 40-50 cases. He was asked by Tom Kark, Counsel to the Francis Inquiry, how many ‘excess deaths’ had occurred among the cases he had reviewed. Mr Kark related Dr Laker’s answer in his ‘final submission‘ to the 2010 inquiry: 

“Dr Laker was clear that the ICNR process could not identify the 'excess deaths' at the trust during the period 2005-09. During his work, which included editing 40 to 50 reports, he had come across perhaps one such death.” 

‘Perhaps one such death’ – so maybe not even one. People die in hospitals every day, of course – but as far as unnecessary, avoidable deaths caused by negligence or malpractice, the detailed, intensive reviews of all the deaths where relatives were dissatisfied enough to ask for one uncovered ‘perhaps one’. 

He concludes:  Don’t believe everything you read in the papers – especially when it involves Tories and the NHS. 

Even if the Mid-Staffs story had been accurately reported, this needs to be balanced by reading the enormous NHS patient surveys showing these things are rare: more than 90% of patients leaving hospital say their care was good or very good. Ipsos Mori's long series of opinion polling tells a story of high appreciation. The recent unprecedented drop in public attitudes towards the NHS in the British Social Attitudes survey was caused by alarm at the government's NHS and Social Care Act. 

The recent Francis Report delivers a solemn warning: what destroyed Mid Staffs was the rush to cut £10m to become a foundation trust. Don't let finance drive out quality, he warns. But his wise suggestion that care and finance be regulated together by Monitor joining the Care Quality Commission has been summarily rejected by Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary. 


Bevan knew that a health service for just the poorest in society would be a poor health service. So the NHS was established on the principle that "Everyone – rich or poor, man, woman or child – can use any part of it." 

It is this vision and the post-war Labour government's bold economic policy that tackled disease and health inequalities, built decent homes, schools and universities intended for the many not just the few. And all achieved with a bigger debt and deficit than Britain faces today following the global economic crisis triggered by casino style banking in 2008. That is why Unite is calling for a resurgence of the "Spirit of '45." 

The genius of the NHS 

By creating the NHS, its creators were leaping over the cliff of predictability, they operated in the unknown dark, they didn't whether it would work, how it would work, what the problems would be, despite all the research of the time. These brilliant people were trying for the the first time to help everyone in the population keep and stay healthy.  

This was an excellent use of tax payers money. It is the sort of government outlay everyone would want their taxes to be used for! Before it began its detractors said it would fail dismally. It was – and has proved to be – a GREAT success, renowned all over the world. Atlee's administration sought – as politicians should – to help the greatest number of people – including generations to come. In those days policies were created for the benefit of the majority not created by and for small selective minorities by with media campaigns. Old labour should be proud that they implemented and rolled out the greatest policy ever enacted by a British government. New Labour should be ashamed of undermining the NHS with a view to turning it into a travesty of American private insurance based healthcare.

How the NHS inspired other countries 

But the world learns from examples of brilliance. Cuba now probably has the best health service in the world. The US sends cohorts of trainee doctors to Cuba. In Cuba you don't need to go to a doctor regularly because there so many doctors that they regularly knock on everyone's doors just to see that people are okay! They have a renowned research and development system.

The Finlay Institute produces the anti-meningococcus vaccine marketed under the name VA-MENGOC-BC. The vaccine is already exported to 12 countries where it has proven safe and effective in preventing meningitis outbreaks. 

Brazil is the largest consumer of the Cuban vaccine, and has administered the serum to the public through 15 massive campaigns in 12 states. 

Cuba has international patents on 66 pharmaceuticals, which are produced by the Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Institute, the Molecular Immunology Institute and the National Bio-Medical Institute, and the Finlay Institute. Some of Cuba's other medications that stand out, in addition to the anti-meningitis vaccine, include a vaccine for hepatitis B and monoclonal antibodies used to prevent the rejection of transplanted organs. No one ever tells you these things in the mainsteam media, do they?

We didn't vote for this 

The NHS has/ is being sold off and we are all watching this happening gradually. Yet not one of us voted for the dismantling of our NHS. Nor to create an NHS that seeks to replace cooperation with competition, fragmenting services and pitching one health provider against another. Healthcare should not be a service run for profit. Money raised by the NHS should be reinvested back into it. 

I would suggest those who wish to keep the NHS as a free state health service avoid supporting companies who are parasiting off it. Boycott Boots who pay the UK no tax even though they make vast profits from our prescriptions. Boycott Amazon, Vodaphone and countless other companies that avoid paying their fair share of taxes.

I would suggest you contact your MP and complain that if they fail to decry the massive media barrage of media attacks on the NHS we will not vote for them. It will be too late to cry when the NHS is dismantled and sold off.

The Baby boomers fail to understand they have been brainwashed since they were babies. The lying industries of PR and advertising were just getting their act together then post war. No wonder why they fail to act and get angry like the generation that bore them. GET ANGRY – but don't believe a revolution will change anything. Trashing our own back yard won't bother global companies. Getting angry means writing letters, campaigning, keeping abreast of developments and spending your time in boring committees. It will cost you time!

Heading towards a disastrous vision 

It is time to take sides. Unite is for an alternative to austerity that has resulted in health and economic inequalities not seen in Britain since the depression of the 1930s. Labour in opposition has pledged to repeal the Health and Social Care Act and Unite wants Labour to go further. There is no place in Britain for a "market" in health care, internal or external. 

We must all continually fight for state funding of the NHS. We must fight for free and excellent health services in every country in the world.



The necessity to defend our NHS now has never been more urgent. 

Although recent battles have been lost in the Commons, the campaign to defend health services in Lewisham showed what can be achieved when we pull together, trade unions alongside community organisations. 

And finally…

I would like to say a personal thank you to all the doctors and nurses whom I have met over the past 15 years, whom have served me brilliantly. Especially to Dr. Dwyer, Dr. Kennedy, Dr. Wagner, Usher, Rachel, Olwin, Justine, Louise, Donna, Linda, Ruth and Hannah and of course all the other NHS workers whose names I have either forgotten or never knew. Thank you very much you're doing a splendid job you should be proud of yourselves and the institution you work for.


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